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Knowing how your brain functions when you are healthy gives you a competitive edge in your concussion recovery.

What is Brain Health Baseline?

Brain Health Baseline is a generic term for the evaluation of brain function when an athlete is healthy and uninjured. Results from the baseline test can be used for comparison by a health care professional if an athlete has a suspected concussion, serving as an important tool for the qualified healthcare provider. Brain Health Baseline is not used to diagnose concussion.


An annual Brain Health Baseline is the best way to monitor your brain health and prepare for the season. Completing a proper brain health evaluation allows for a more effective diagnosis and return-to-play process. 












A proper baseline test should include a personal and family neurological history, with particular focus on any active issues. It is important to note any neurological conditions that may influence concussion recovery, such as ADHD, depression, anxiety or migraine headache.

Brain Health

Baseline Test

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Brain Health Baseline

At the Kutcher Clinic we understand that each concussion, and each patient, requires an individualized approach. We believe in using a unique and comprehensive baseline assessment that allow us to provide a personalized approach to patient care, giving you a competitive edge in your concussion recovery.

Depending on the needs of the athlete, we offer two versions of Brain Health Baseline: Basic and Advanced. In either case, the Kutcher Clinic maintains a copy of the assessment and additional copies are available to the athlete and/or family at no additional charge.

Brain Health Baseline - BASIC

Recommended for athletes that are:



contact sport athlete

  • History:

    • personal & family neurological history

    • prior concussion(s) history

    • sport history

  • Neurocognitive screen

  • Concussion focused neurological exam


*group rates available*



Brain Health Baseline - ADVANCED

Recommended for those with a history of one or more of the following:

  • Prior concussion history

  • Migraine (or other headache disorder)

  • Anxiety

  • Depression


  • Seizures/Epilepsy

billed to insurance



  • In-depth history:

    • personal & family neurological history

    • prior concussion(s) history

    • sport activity & future plans

  • Neurocognitive & Visual screen

  • Concussion focused neurological exam

  • Brain Network Activation (BNA) 

  • Physical exertion challenges 

Some athletes will benefit from a more in-depth Brain Health Baseline due to pre-existing condition(s) and/or concerns. An advanced appointment with extended one-on-one time with one of our concussion experts provides a thorough assessment and opportunity for education. 

Not all baseline evaluations are created equal.

It is important to consider who will treat an athlete in the event that a concussion is suspected and what information will be the most useful to that healthcare provider. Unlike typical “baseline tests,” the information gathered in a Brain Health Baseline Test at the Kutcher Clinic is useful to any healthcare provider caring for a concussed athlete, without the burden of additional training or certification.

How often should an athlete have a baseline evaluation?

The Kutcher Clinic recommends that Brain Health Baseline Testing be completed annually in order to help monitor for long-term changes in brain function, review the previous sports season, and plan for the future.  

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