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Our success, in the treatment of concussion and persisting symptoms after concussion, brings patients from across the globe.

The Kutcher Clinic (formerly The Sports Neurology Clinic) is a destination center for all patients who suffer from concussion, persisting symptoms after concussion or any long-term effects of brain trauma. The Kutcher Clinic offers an approach to care that is both unique and comprehensive. Patients from across the region, country and globe access our world-renowned brain health specialists through our centers located in Utah and Michigan. 

The Kutcher Clinic is the only comprehensive treatment center of its kind. Our exclusive model of elbow-to-elbow expert care is customized to meet the unique needs of each patient. From the professional hockey player with a recent concussion, to the collegiate football player who suffered a concussion in a motor vehicle crash, to the weekend warrior who was injured last year and continues to struggle with long-term head injury symptoms, our team is here to get you back to your life and restore hope.

Our Approach

The team, led by international sports neurology expert Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, approaches each patient as an individual and tailors care and treatment to meet their needs. Following a thorough and comprehensive medical history review, patients will experience a progression of advanced diagnostic and examination techniques. Patients can expect to be evaluated before, during and after varying types and degrees of physical and cognitive exertion. Most destination patients visit one of our centers for 2-3 days at a time, but longer and shorter visits are easily accommodated.

Our rehabilitation strategies focus on head injury recovery as well as sports performance, daily living and long-term brain health.


With convenient locations in the midwest and western regions, cutting edge treatment at the Kutcher Clinic is an easy flight away.

Remote Services

The Kutcher Clinic offers remote consultations for those that may not be able to travel to our clinics in Michigan or Utah. Please contact us for more information. 


Most of our expert services are covered by insurance. Depending on your specific circumstances, out-of-pocket expenses may be necessary for services not covered by your specific plan. Contact us for more information.

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