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Improve performance and relieve pain in Park City

Kutcher Clinic for Sports Neurology

The clinic is proudly named after our founder, Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, who has made valuable contributions to the field of sports neurology and continually strives to support the promotion of athlete brain health both on and off the field of play.

The Kutcher Clinic for Sports Neurology will remain true to its mission by shining a light on the importance of lifelong brain health management in athletes and leveraging its renowned expertise to shape the future of sports neurology care.

Who We Are

The Kutcher Clinic provides the highest level care for each patient through our personalized approach to diagnosis, management and return-to-life decisions. We understand that each patient is unique and requires an individualized approach.  

From the retired pro-hockey player concerned with his overall brain health, to the student athlete who suffers from migraines, to the weekend warrior with a concussion, our team is here to get you back to life! 

Our success in the treatment of concussion and persisting symptoms after concussion is what brings patients from across the globe for destination care at our clinics in Utah and Michigan. Trust your brain to the experts at the Kutcher Clinic.

Patients We Treat

The team of experts at the Kutcher Clinic specializes in the treatment of all active lifestyle individuals, of all ages and levels of play, who regularly engage in sports, recreation and military. 


"I was so relieved that it wasn't a concussion and I was so thankful that we had his baseline on file to compare his results to, so that we could know for sure that his brain was okay. His primary physician could never have done this for us. I highly recommend the Kutcher Clinic. They are experts in concussion for sure! Very thorough! Don't trust your kid's brain to any other office!"

- A. Althouse

Mountain Biking

"I suffer from brutal peripheral neuropathy. The staff spent quality time, first understanding the source of the debilitating pain, and then worked towards a solution that leveraged minimal prescription medication. Ryan Pelo is a dry needling specialist who has implemented a therapy regimen that has literally undone my suffering. I’ve been to the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland clinic, and the UCLA Medical Center. World, renowned facilities. And I’ve achieved nowhere near the pain relief that I’ve achieved at Kutcher clinic."

- J. Dagostino

Hockey Goalie

"We visited Michigan to get my son in front of you folks. I have described the visit as potentially "life changing" for my son. The meeting that I sat in on was one of the most passionate displays of information sharing that I have ever been a part of. No stone was left un-turned in the pursuit of understanding, evaluation, and feedback. You folks are outstanding, from the front desk, to the doctors, and those in between. Thank you.

- S. Beal

World-Renowned expert & pioneer

jeff.head and shoulder_edited.jpg

The Kutcher Clinic is led by Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, an internationally  recognized expert and sports neurology pioneer. Dr. Kutcher was a member and co-author of the Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport in Zurich (2012) and Berlin (2016). 

Dr. Kutcher founded the Sports Neurology Section of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), serving as the section’s first chair, and established and co-directed the annual Sports Concussion Conference for the American Academy of Neurology.

Dr. Kutcher is a Team Physician for the US Ski and Snowboard Association and served as the Team Neurologist for the US Olympic Team at the 2014 (Sochi), 2018 (PyeongChang) and 2022 (Beijing) Winter Games.

Dr. Kutcher also serves as the Director of the NBA concussion program and has helped develop the concussion policies of the NCAA as well as several college athletic programs and conferences.


Additionally, Dr. Kutcher works as an advisor to the National Football League (NFL) Players' Association and National Hockey League (NHL) Players’ Association. 



Movement Disorders & Tics

Multiple Sclerosis





Post-concussion Syndrome

Peripheral Nerve Injury


Brain Health





Repeated Head Impacts



Sports neurology is a subspecialty of neurology focused on the study and management of sports-related of neurological injuries and conditions in athletes. Sports neurology involves the safe participation in sports and recreation by athletes that suffer from neurological injuries including; concussion, post-concussion syndrome and peripheral nerve injuries and conditions including; epilepsy, migraine and multiple sclerosis. Sports neurology has a deep understanding of the neurological benefits of exercise and active lifestyles.


A sports neurologist is a physician that has completed four years of medical school, three-four years of neurology residency and at least one year of a sports neurology fellowship. Sports neurologists are specifically trained in the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions in athletes. In addition to their level of knowledge in the exam room, they are also trained to care for athletes in their natural sporting environments - on the ice, snow, field and court.


Kutcher Clinic for Concussion & Sports Neurology

Ph: (313) 651-1916    Fax: (313) 447-1102

Henry Ford Medical Center - Columbus
39450 West 12 Mile Rd 
Novi, MI 48377

Henry Ford Center for Athletic Medicine (CAM)
690 Amsterdam St
Detroit, MI 48202

Henry Ford Medical Center - Plymouth
40777 Ann Arbor Rd
Plymouth, MI 48170


Ph: (385) 246-5971    Fax: (810) 522-6447

Kutcher Clinic - Park City

1154 Center Dr, D250

Park City, UT  84098

Kutcher Clinic - Murray - First Care

5242 College Dr

Murray, UT  84123

*located in First Care OrthoMed*

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